The Old Man and Insistency


The cast of characters charged with guarding the lobby at my job includes a convivial Old Man who sometimes wears very effeminate sunglasses (while working indoors) and speaks with a fairly thick accent of undeterminable origin. No one is quite sure where he is from, though I think the closest we’ve collectively learned is that his […]

Pooping Rainbows


You know those days? The days where there is never enough toilet paper in the bathroom. The days where you get in line at the grocery store only to find out the cashier is new and has never processed double manufacturer coupons — and you’re behind the lady who brings her coupons to the store in a […]

Thankful Baby


It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Initially, my intention was for this to be my last day at work before my maternity leave, however baby’s losing fluid quickly and Doc wants me off my feet. Tick, tock goes the time bomb I feel I’ve become, and boy was that moon beautiful last night! It will be […]

Runitlikeamom of the Month: You

Every Mom

In lieu of featuring a specific mom this month, we’re here to say a special thank you to you, every mom, for the crazy stuff we as moms do that only we as moms “get.”  So, thank you for: Enduring months and/or years of giving your body over to someone else. It seems so magical […]

Another Trip Around the Sun

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

“I’m so glad that you finally made it here, with the things you know now, that only time could tell. Looking back, seeing far, landing right where we are.  And you’re aging, and I am aging, aren’t we aging well?” – Dar Williams I recently celebrated my halfway to ninetieth birthday. Forty-five.  The Big Four-Five. Farty-fave […]

Half Way


Half way to voting, half way to military enlistment, half way to college, half way to adulthood (well, sort of).  My #1 turns 9 today.  It’s his last year of single digits, and all these half way to thoughts keep running through my mind.  Last year he was half way to driving, and now, wow, […]

I compost, you compost, we all can compost!

Aubs composting

Several years ago, the State of Connecticut adopted the goal of diverting 58% of garbage entering our landfills by 2024. Currently Simsbury (my town) has a good single stream recycling program that diverts 24% of waste.  However, the numbers have not changed much since the initial implementation of single stream recycling.  It’s estimated that 14% […]

The Friend With Needs


It comes every year- most people get excited or pumped up to celebrate their birthday, but not me. Never have, and probably never will. Every year, my birthday gets tossed out with the trash. Yes, this post is about to be a complete “poor me”, especially when I work hard on extending myself and being […]