Ragnar Re-Cap: Cape Cod


RACE:  Ragnar Relay, Cape Cod LOCATION:  Cape Cod, MA DATE:  Friday and Saturday, May 8-9, 2015 LENGTH:  192 awesome miles RUNIT RATING: Two thumbs up and rock hands (added for extra flare!) Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to  participate in the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay with eleven teammates. Some were friends, some family but most were complete strangers. If you […]

Oh The Places You’ll Go


When people talk about running, they usually focus on the what (what shoes to wear, what songs to listen to), the where (where to run: city loops vs. tracks vs. trails), the when (when to run: early morning, lunch break, after dinner), the why (why to run: fitness, sanity, wellness, weight loss), and the how […]

Are We Really Struggling?

By Anna Majkowska (Flickr: On a bus stop) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

I apologize in advance if this post hurts anyone’s feelings, but I’ve been ruminating about it for some time.  The purpose of my writing this is not to insult, but rather, to raise awareness and sensitivity. What a lucky, lucky, lucky bunch of women we are — to have husbands/partners who actively support our leisure pursuits, to […]

Diamond Wisdom…


Parents, I know you are with me when I tell you that watching T-Ball games can be likened to getting your teeth cleaned, removing splinters, and trying to keep a baby quiet on a plane. But it also has its endearing moments – like when the kids run into each other trying to catch a […]

Open Art Studio


Last year, I had written about my observations of the beginning of my son’s art journey through self-expressionism. Now, with him in Kindergarten, Nathanael has been learning the basics that will help him further explore his creativity. Last week, I was able to see his first year of school masterpieces, in an art show!   […]

Life Moves Forward

Quotes About Moving Forward 0004-6 (6)

Two years ago, on May 19th, I suffered a spontaneous traumatic brain injury; the cause is still unknown. I remember May 19, 2013 like it was yesterday. I remember laying in the hospital bed in the ICU, unable to move my body, thinking I may not make it out of there. At the time, I […]

RIP Amazing Mr. Potter

When I heard the news about extreme adventurist Dean Potter’s untimely death, my heart broke into pieces.  I have an adventurous spirit. I wouldn’t say that I live dangerously, but I can appreciate those who do.  I like to climb mountains and ride roller coasters.  I’ve gone sky diving.  I will try almost anything once. […]