The Reality of Virtual Races


Lately Virtual Race solicitations have been popping up everywhere in front of me.  I admit they certainly peak my curiosity, especially lately since I am dying to get back to pounding the pavement (but still sidelined with my injury!).  What IS a Virtual Race?  It is a race that is run in the location of [...]

Race of the Month: Surftown Half

Big thanks to Emily and her cuties for meeting us at the finish!

RACE:  Surftown Half Marathon & 5K LOCATION: Misquamicut State Beach, Atlantic Avenue, Westerly, Rhode Island DATE:  Sunday, September 14, 2014 LENGTH: 13.1 miles or 3.1 miles RUNIT RATING: Thumbs up! My alarm went off a little before 4 AM this past Sunday morning.  Call me crazy but looking back now, I can say that it was totally [...]

Horrible People


I feel uneasy enjoying Chris Brown’s music. I’ve never watched a Roman Polanski film. Although he’s “done his time”, I still think Michael Vick is a jerk who abused animals. And speaking of Michaels, I feel icky listening to Michael Jackson songs. I’ll never forget when my mom said, amidst one of the scandals during [...]

Eligible Bachelor


Meet your bachelor ladies! Eat your hearts out! At only five weeks old, this bachelor sure knows what he likes and doesn’t like! Dean is an alert LEO,  who’s lucky number is 7 (says this week’s current issue of In Touch). During Dean’s spare time, he enjoys long talks with his adoring mother, walks in [...]

When Other People Discipline your Child


My daughters are fortunate enough to have many loving adults in their lives. They spend a good deal of time in the company of other adults, sometimes my husband and I are present and sometimes we are not. Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with my husband about how/when are appropriate times for other adults to [...]

New Shoes


We recently attended a soccer game at the local high school, and the field was bordered by the school’s running track. Nice, newly redone track with freshly painted lines to help you stay in your lane. Having no interest in the soccer game, Claire was immediately drawn to the track with its neat rows, as [...]



Instead of posting something fitness or parenting related on this date, which so many of us remember with an extraordinary clarity in our collective memories, I instead decided to share with you the following poem, written by Maya Angelou. A Brave and Startling Truth We, this people, on a small and lonely planet Traveling through casual [...]

I Am Not Going To Do It Now


It seems my transformation journey is evolving. At the end of June, my blog was about whether I should run a half marathon. At that point, I had completed one week of a 12-week training program and was seriously considering running a 13.1-mile race scheduled for October 2014. Photo credit: When we tell our friends, [...]