Disclaimer: I never intended to publish this post, I wrote it to help sort out my feelings; however, in doing so, I realized there are so many women making this very same decision. I felt it was important to share. The opinions expressed in this post are a reflection of my experience, no judgements!  If […]

Rare Disease Day

For Nobby, Katie, and Bodie.

Did you know Rare Disease Day was February 28th, 2015 worldwide?  A disease or disorder is defined as rare in the US when it affects fewer than 200,000 Americans at any given time.  80% of rare diseases have identified genetic origins and 50% of rare diseases touch children.  There are currently 6000 to 7000 classified […]

February Race of the Month: Disney Princess Half Marathon


Once upon a time… She chose sneakers over heels. She chose training over the chariot. She chose the medal over the tiara. & She ran like it was midnight. RACE:  Disney Princess Half Marathon LOCATION:  Epcot, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL DATE:  Sunday, February 22, 2015 LENGTH:  13.1 miles RUNIT RATING: 2 magical thumbs up! […]

Masterpiece Theater


You survived Monday! Congratulations! As a special treat, I hope you enjoy this bit of diversion: I bet you have a mound of pictures and projects stashed away someplace in your house, with maybe a few special pieces displayed prominently, that your darling children have created. Of course, all of our children are the next […]

The Weight Has Been Lifted


The day-to-day struggles are real! Some days the universe likes to throw a curve ball our way- whether they are positive or negative, it’s just part of our daily journey. I personally find that I process my day-to-day struggles best when I’m working out! Whether the day’s events left me vulnerable or energized, I simply […]

5 Institutions Jamming up Working Families

Source: google images

As a working parent, do you sometimes get the feeling there are forces intrinsically working against you? I agree, and here are five institutions, in my opinion, who are jamming up working parents:   #1- The Post Office. Yes, the ever so inefficient United States Postal Service. While I appreciate the hard-working and valiant men and women […]

Runitlikeamom of the Month: Jean Scheidnes


When I was asked to do this month’s Runitlikeamom of the Month, there was no doubt in my mind who I would pick: Donna Gosling (Ryan’s mom). Jk – my first thought was my good friend Jean. Jean has always runit, but she became a mom almost a year ago and now she is running […]

The Only Guarantee

Nigel Palmer, TIOSN

In my TIOSN class yesterday, my classmates and I each gave brief presentations on the herbs and vegetables we’ve chosen to research this year. As I mentioned in last week’s post, my herb is the Mullein plant. My vegetable is the Toscano Kale, and all of us are very excited to be studying our respective plants. […]