The Blame Game

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Every year people get… a cold…or a stomach bug… or whatever. And every time, the conversation goes like this, “I think I got that bug that’s been going around.” “Where do you think you got it?” “Well, so and so had a runny nose and a cough the other day, I bet it was him.” […]

Did You Know…My Kid Is A Wild Kratt?


Did you know that my son is now a nature know-it-all? He has been going to vacation camp at the Roaring Brook Nature Center all this week and Nathanael isn’t the only one that has learned a lot about the outdoors. Let me back up the story, a little. My son’s nature obsession started several […]

Come Rain or Come Shine


“Happy together, unhappy together, and won’t that be just fine” – from “Come Rain or Come Shine ” by Mercer/Arlen  (Image courtesy of Google Images)  Another loving open letter from a man to his “stay-at-home” wife has gone viral recently.  And it initially annoyed me beyond belief. As I read through it, I found the post […]

Everybody Has To Start Somewhere

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If you are ready to start a workout program, and prepare yourself to stick with it for the rest of your life, I think you are making a great decision.  I blogged over the past few months about how I recently progressed to Level 2 (and Level 3) workouts, 8 years after I made the […]

Am I Enough…


Having a child, my son, a year to date after my mom’s passing became one of my biggest challenges. With a post-partum foggy state of mind and a loss of confidence in myself, I trudged through what I thought motherhood should be, always asking myself, am I enough? I changed him, I fed him, I […]

Who’s Your Penguin?


When Kylie was 6 months old, I was walking around a bookstore with her strapped in a Baby Bjorn when she reached out and grabbed a stuffed penguin right off the shelf. She immediately pulled it in. Of all the fancy books and toys there she could have shoplifted, she chose him. She was not letting […]

Open Your Eyes Woman!


In the world of selfies and capturing great moments with friends and family on your iPhone, I am a complete failure. I am not saying this to garner your support or to trick you into praising my photogenic qualities; I am saying it because it’s true. To prove it, and to keep in mind a great post […]



It was so cute.  There really aren’t enough of them.  This past weekend my boys participated in a kids only racing event.  This event, dubbed a Kids’ Marathon and Half Marathon, was for children 12 years old and under only.  Parents could run with their children free of cost after completing a waiver or simply […]