The Tantrum Diaries…We’ve All Been There


Many of us bloggers are parents to species, I mean toddlers, who love to throw some pretty serious tantrums for some pretty silly reasons. This post is an ode to some of these mind boggling tantrums that have made us want to laugh, cry, scream, and sometimes, question our parenting.From Blogger Michelle: …you were relentlessly kicking [...]

Runit in the Woods


This past friday, my husband and I took our oldest daughter on her first overnight trip in the backcountry.  Before the trip, we bought her a backpack, an LED head lantern, and a pair of snazzy New Balance sneakers and we talked up the trip big time.   She seemed beyond excited about her new [...]

The Last P, Well That’s Not That Simple


Over the weekend, someone was saying the words to Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” in a very pronounced manner. Specifically, this line: “I brought my pencil… Gimme something to write on.“ (Don’t think about the context, just keep reading.) My reaction? “Wait — what?” *cogs in my brain spinning in overtime* “By ‘pencil’, does he [...]

Finding Extraordinary in the Ordinary


My awareness of how short life can be and how you have to cherish each precious moment has been heightened. Take the time to notice how many things in your ordinary day are actually extraordinary. Take the time to be present in your own life and appreciate all the wonderful things, like… Walks at the [...]

Second Chances….


For the second summer,  my sons and I have enrolled in a summer reading program in our town. As most of you know, I live in a small town with very few community events. Well, we might have more than I’m aware of, however community specials are not widely announced. I am a book lover [...]

An Open Letter To My Daughter


Dear Claire, As I write this, we are nearing the end of my 41st birthday, and you are happily playing with your ponies. You had a quick snack when we got home, and you were full of smiles and sunshine when the cats came up to greet you. That wasn’t the case 20 minutes ago, when [...]

Cleaner Energy For A Cooler Future

The lawn graphic that started it all.  Way to go Simsbury, planet Earth is rooting for you! (Do not use without permission)

Several months ago, while driving my son to daycare, I spotted a fund-raising graphic on the lawn of my town hall, with the title Solarize Simsbury.  “That’s cool” I thought, but that was that, and I drove on. I consider myself an environmentally sound person. I recycle. I bring reused bags to the grocery store. [...]