You Don’t Have To Eat It All!

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There’s a ton of candy in your house right now, isn’t there? Probably still in your little one’s trick or treat bucket… stashed out of reach on top of the fridge… Haunting you, singing to you a sweet ballad of sticky sugar… A siren’s song, just a whisper, yet irresistible… But wait! You don’t have to eat [...]

Just Say No

By photo taken by flickr user Young in Panama (flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to fellow blogger Amy for the inspiration for today’s post.  I too feel “over-pinked”.  Frankly, I’m not just over the pink ribbons — I feel barraged by unceasing requests for money for good causes. Not only are nonprofits allowed to call you if you are registered for the national “Do Not Call List” — but also doesn’t [...]

It Scares Me


I am talking about Halloween candy.  While I greatly enjoy everything else about this holiday, meaning the costumes, the crisp feel in the air, and the pretty leaves in the landscape, it is so difficult to stay on track for the days leading up to Halloween and for weeks after.  I started to see the [...]

To My Second Daughter on her First Birthday


Dear Quinny, I really cannot believe it has already been one year. I know every parent says that, but it does seem like just moments ago I had my hand on my belly, feeling your kicks and talking to you about the fun we would have some day. You arrived on November 1st, just 30 minutes [...]



  After 18 weeks of training, I completed my first marathon last Sunday.  What an incredible experience it was.  The Marine Corps Marathon was a great first marathon and has been billed as such by Runner’s World.  It was definitely not an easy course, but the support of the spectators and the US Marines made it [...]

Everyone Poops


Any mom who has ever potty trained a toddler knows there is no shortage of children’s books to aid  in the learning process. While I actually find these books useful, the titles are hilarious! From Everyone Poops, to The Gas We Pass, to Once Upon a Potty, to Poop There It Is…this list goes on [...]