Send us your Summer Running Pics!


Excited about summer running? Looking forward to vacation? Send us pictures of your favorite summer activity- beach selfies, running photos, or kiddie meltdowns at your local ice cream stand…all are welcome! Please email us or tag us on Instagram! Like this:Like Loading…

A Mom’s Travel Guide Hot Pick: The Dinosaur Place


It is officially time to make the mad scramble to find the #familyfun for the summertime. Libraries, museums and movies are all good, but the activities I’m referring to are the ones that make you pack a bag and whisk your kids away! This type of spontaneous summer urge I had, several weeks ago, leads […]

If Fairy Godmothers Were Real…

My daughter enjoyed her time with a Fairy Godmother in Training at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique during our recent Disney vacation.

Disney’s got it right that a fairy godmother would be wonderful but let’s face it, real life isn’t a fairy tale!  I don’t need a fancy new dress for the ball and a horse drawn carriage.  I would, however, love somebody to do my grocery shopping and clean the cheddar goldfish crumbs out of the […]

Conversations at Target


I am nosy by nature (not ’cause I hate cha). It’s really the only way a little sister can survive. One of my favorite gifts growing up with the Spytech listening device I got. Haha! There are definitely things I wish I never saw, like some paperwork about a relative’s past and love letters written […]

Run Less to Run Faster?


For the past year I have been struggling to improve my half marathon time. I was running, on average, five days a week and logging serious miles. It seemed like the more I ran the slower I got. I knew, after months of being stuck in a rut, part of the issue was mental and […]

The Source


If you’ve been reading my posts, you know by now I feel very strongly that Claire grow up with a strong connection to her food sources. Some of those pieces are Confessions of a Farm Addict, and Get Your Growing On!. This year, just before the growing season began, I was chatting with one of our […]

Keeping it Real in the Time of Oversharing

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” – Benjamin Spock This one is a tough one to write. Most of you reading this are, like me, a Parent in the Time of Oversharing. You know what I mean; the joyful status updates about your child’s last day of school, the filtered Instagram […]

My Inner Artist


About 3 months ago, I blogged about how excited I was with my new electric piano.   Before I could think about playing, I needed to find a place in the house to set up my instrument.  Because I figured I would practice a lot while my children were sleeping, I knew the basement was […]