37 or Bust…

37 or bust

Been feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus these last few days. As my third trimester comes to an end, I can’t help but panic about one thing- WHAT IF THIS BABY STAYS FOR THE FULL 40 WEEKS!! I have been so blessed to have this last opportunity to bring another life in to [...]

8 Friends Every Working Mother Needs


We have all seen the articles listing the ten friends everyone woman needs her in life. The organizer, the trustworthy “best” friend, the single friend, so on and so forth. Here is my attempt to cut through the feel good malarkey. Here is my real world, truly helpful, most necessary list of the top eight [...]

RunningIt On the Road (Again)

hotel sign

(photo credit: Google Images) “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home” – Matsuo Basho Here was my five-day travel itinerary, starting last Saturday from My Home in Connecticut: Morristown, New Jersey to Long Valley, New Jersey to My Home in Connecticut to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Newtown, Pennsylvania to Point Pleasant, New [...]

Eat Fresh!

Image Credit:  Phyllis Meredith Photography

Summertime is a great time to take advantage of creating farm to table eating.  Whether you have your own vegetable garden (home or community) or visit your local farm stand, there is nothing like the taste of freshly picked food.  Simsbury, CT, my home town, is brimming with options for fresh local produce without getting [...]

Why? Why? Why?…

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Me: “Don’t touch the toilet sweet pea.” Two Year-Old: “Why?” Me: “Because it has germs on it, it’s yucky.” Two Year-Old: “Why?” Me: “Because that’s where we sit our bums to do pee pee and poopy.” Two Year-Old: “Why?” Me: “Because…” Two Year-Old: “Cus, mommy?” Me: “Yes, because.” I realize that last answer wasn’t exactly [...]

Don’t believe the hype…


  Superfoods. Just how super are they? It seems superfoods are everywhere! We see them on television ads, hear them being talked about on the radio, even billboard ads! But just what are they? What makes them so super anyway? Well, like most things that are “hot” and “sexy”, they can come and go, but [...]